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Right Click On a Mac

Have you ever thought why a lot of people find a right click on a Mac so complicated? A factor that will seem right is that many people are still finding a way out. They are unable to find the right way out to perform a right-click on Mac. If you look at the Apple laptop for the first time, it will seem nearly impossible to perform a right-click.

One and the biggest reason is that Mac has a single button or a trackpad. There are no other buttons in it as we compare it with most laptops with a trackpad and two buttons. We will dig into some of the ways by which we can make a right click on a Mac. We will see how we can do this using a trackpad, a magic mouse, or any other standard mouse.

Apple has created laptops to view that a single button mouse is more comfortable to use and is better than the traditional mouse. This has surprised many people, specifically those who have switched from the regular laptop to the Apple Mac. For an extended period, on the trackpad, the primary click and the control-click were offered to fulfill the same function as the right-click. Almost all browsers still support the same function.

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Right Click On a Mac

You don’t have to be embarrassed as we have good news for you. You are not the only one that is still unknown the correct way of right-clicking on the Mac. We are offering a guide that will help you understand the proper way to use an Apple Mac. Interestingly, the magic mouse and the newer Macs still don’t come with the right-click.

Apple calls it the secondary button as they believe in the one-button trackpad. The new day Macs come with no particular place to click but allow you a multi-click on the trackpad.

If you want to use a standard mouse with your Mac, there is no problem with it. The system understands the right click, but if you’re going to use the built-in trackpad or the magic mouse. Below we have the ways to on how to use the right-click function.

Methods to Right Click on a Mac

There are many ways to right-click, but you can use the more efficient and helpful way that fits your need.


It is effortless, and you don’t have to change any setting on your Mac. You have to press the control key while tapping on the mouse or the trackpad. The people who have not used Mac before should know that the Control key is placed on the far end. Please don’t confuse it with the option key or command key.

Right-Click With a Trackpad

It is also very easy to right-click with a trackpad on a Mac. The problem is that a lot of you are not known for this function. If The function of the secondary key is not activated, then you can easily configure it. You can follow the mentioned steps below to start the two-finger, which will allow you to right-click.

The first thing you have to do is open system preferences. You can open it by going on the Apple menu and selecting it, or you can also press command and space to open a quick look and then typing system preferences.

1- Click on ‘Trackpad.’

Right Click On a Mac

2-From the tabs above, choose’ Point & Click.

Right Click On a Mac

3- check whether the box next to ‘secondary click’ is unchecked. If unchecked, then click on the box to check it.

Right Click On a Mac

4- Click on the down arrow under the ‘secondary click.’

5- Choose the option’ click or tap with two fingers’

Right Click On a Mac

6- Exit the System Preference and check the changes.

Exit the System Preference and check the changes.

Apple gives you other options as well other than the two fingers right-click. You can also activate the function by clicking on the trackpad’s bottom right rather than clicking on the trackpad with two fingers, although this is very uncommon. Mac also offers other ways to activate the right-click. You can do it by tapping the trackpad twice other than clicking the trackpad twice. You have to activate the function tap to click.

Moving forward, you can also change the speed at which you will move the pointer on the screen. It is also called tracking speed. You will get the Tracking speed scale at the bottom of the tab point and click. You can adjust the speed according to your preference.

The other two tabs will help you control the scroll and zoom gesture. If you realize that you cannot adjust to the secondary click, you can go back and choose a different method to right-click.

Right-Click with Magic Mouse

For many, it was expected that Apple would continue with no button for the right click on its extraordinary designed mice. It is a surprise that the magic mouse has no button. You might not see the controls, but the magic mouse is designed to understand the difference between the right click and the left click. The magic mouse also gives you other options to configure. Following are some steps following them will help you configure the magic mouse.

1- Open System Preference

2- Choose ‘Mouse’ from the pane

Choose 'Mouse' from the pane

3- Click on ‘Point & Click’.

Click on 'Point & Click'.

4- Check the box next to ‘Secondary Click.’

5- Select the option ‘Click on the right side.’

Select the option 'Click on the right side.'

Interestingly, you can set your left side of the mouse to work as the right-click function. You can do that by selecting the option’ click on the left side.’

In the same way, you can set the speed of the pointer in the same pane.

Force Right-Click (Only for New Macbook With Force Trackpad)

The new versions of Macbook, Macbook Pro, and Macbook Air all come with a force trackpad. The pressure of the clicks makes the system decide how many clicks are there. If you click and hold the trackpad longer, the menu will open, which will be the same as the right-click. It is not a right-click but somewhat similar to it.

Changing Double-Click Speed

Now you have learned the methods to right-click on your Mac. There are other settings on the Mac that we would want you to look into—changing the double click speed. It is set to default generally by all. The Gamers, though, prefer to change the seep to increase efficiency and productivity. Some would also want the speed to below. The following are the steps you can follow to change the configurations of the double click.

1- Launch System Preferences.

2- Click on ‘Accessibility.’

Click on 'Accessibility.'

3- Select ‘Mouse & Trackpad’ from all the options.

Select 'Mouse & Trackpad' from all the options.

4- Adjust the slider next to ‘Double-click speed’ to make it faster or slower as per your need.

Adjust the slider next to 'Double-click speed' to make it faster or slower as per your need.

Above are some of the ways on how you can change the configurations of the double click.

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