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Kohi Click Test

Challenge your ability to count CPS (Clicks Per Second) test score.

Selected Test Duration: 10 seconds.

Restart the game to Beat World Record!!




What is Kohi Click Test?

Kohi click test is a game version of a test that allows you to monitor your total clicks in one second. Today many games are available in different periods. The minimum is a speed test in one second, which goes up to a whole hour.

These games are played globally to enhance the clicking speed by practicing on a test solely based on clicking. The server kohi is associated with Minecraft and this test could be highly useful for those who want to click faster in Minecraft. It offers a range of different games that require a handsome amount of clicking.

Minecraft players like to test and enhance their clicking skills with the help of the Kohi click test. Unlike other versions of this test, the Kohi test is associated with a well-reputed name. This adds to its reliability and makes it secure.

Why clicking speed is essential?

Clicking speed plays a vital role in gaming. Many gamers play games that are dependent upon their clicks. These clicks have to be speedy and accurate at the same time.

The good average count is 7-8 clicks per second. People with relatively slower speed use this test to speed up their clicks. This is a fun way to level up your skill and monitor your performance together.

In a variety of games, you need to click to hit the enemy. On the other hand, some games require shooting, which is also done by clicking. If, for instance, you intend to play these games, you need to be a pro at clicking.

Know your clicking speed

No wonder it is addictive to know your clicking speed. Many people play this game in their leisure and take it as a competition. The popularity of Click speed test games is increasing day by day.

Many people around the world compete with each other and even succeed in making different world records. It is surprising to see how these tests have become a different game now. People love clicking for a couple of seconds and then getting their score.

CPS is a unit for giving scores; it is clicks per second. It shows the literal count of clicks you made in one second. The player addictively tries to get a higher score each time he plays this game. This is how you can know your clicking speed.

  • Press the start button.
  • The game will automatically start with your first click.
  • Now keep clicking until the end of time.
  • The timer will keep on showing the time.
  • In the end, the screen will display your score.

Different types of clicking methods

There are various clicking methods used by users of this test. No matter if you are playing it to enhance your clicking speed or as a game itself. You can choose the suitable clicking method for a better score.

Different clicking methods result in other CPS. The most commonly used clicking methods are:

Regular clicking

Regular clicking involves clicking the mouse in a repetitive pattern. You have to connect as many times as possible to earn your CPS. This is a traditional way of relating that we all are quite aware of.

This method is suitable for people who take these tests to play in their leisure time. However, it is not advisable to practice regular clicking if you want to enhance your other games’ skills.

If you wish to choose this method, keep in mind that the highest CPS is 8. On the other hand, the average CPS is around 4-6 if you use this method. Moreover, if you want a higher score, you should switch to other clicking methods.

Butterfly clicking

Butterfly clicking is the most popular method of getting a higher score and better CPS. This involves hitting the mouse speedily with two of your fingers. This is a less tiring procedure of clicking, and it helps in securing more CPS.

It is an unethical practice in some games. However, if you aim to get high CPS and take this test as a game, go for it. Butterfly clicking brings better with practice. Once you get the technique, you’ll be able to score high.

The average score with the help of this method is around 20-25 CPS. This is great for someone who wants to ace the game and make records. Butterfly clicking is the right way of earning more CPS.

Drag clicking

Drag clicking is a technical way of getting hundreds of clicks in one second. It is a trick by which a player can get unsurpassable CPS by just dragging the mouse. The correct way is to click the mouse once and then drag it down to get CPS.

This method cannot be practiced in Minecraft games but you can ace the Kohi click test.

Jitter Clicking

This is not for beginners, and jitter clicking requires a lot of practice. It requires the player to aim with his hand or arm. After setting the aim next, you have to click to earn CPS.

Auto clickers

Many people practice automatic clicking with Auto clickers. This is an unethical practice. Some games consider it as cheating. There is numerous auto-clicking software that allows the player to click automatically without tiring himself.

Medical complications due to clicking

No serious medical complications are associated with the conventional regular method of clicking. However, if butterfly or jitter clicking is practiced for extended hours, it can result in arthritis or carpal tunneling.

Moreover, many wrist and finger related issues might develop by clicking for longer hours. It is advisable not to practice these clicking methods for an extended period.

Another important thing is to give breaks in between these games. In this way, it will be less tiring and safe to play.

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