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Jitter click test

Jitter Click is a method that helps gamers to enhance their mouse-clicking speed than the average clicking speed. Jitter Clicking is generally used for such games that need you to click the mouse in a short time quickly. Commonly the gamers get a grip on the jitter clicking for such games that require quick clicks examples of such games are Farmville and Minecraft.

Challenge your ability to count CPS (Clicks Per Second) test score.

Selected Test Duration: 10 seconds.

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On the other hand, the increasing demand has given birth to a new type of game called Clicker games. In such games, the clicking speed of the players or gamers is tested. With time, the demand in the market for such clicking games has increased incredibly, and as a result, they are turning it into an ambitious digital sport.

Jitter Click

Across the world, different players take part in competitions to win the title of the fastest clicker in a given time. Regarding the increase in the interest for these types of clicking games, Some other clicking games have been released in the market. Some types of such games are clicks per second, clicks per 5 seconds, Clicks per minute, etc.

The fame of such games and interest in them is such that many people have created world records in numerous techniques of mouse striking such as Jitter Clicking.

 How to Jitter Click

For Jitter Clicking, the gamers stretch the muscles in their arms to create and transfer vibrations to their fingers that end up in a quick and fast burst of clicks on a mouse. The Gamers must keep in mind that the method is a little hard to gain full control over, and it also requires hours of practice to perfect the art.

To stay away from injury, in the start, one must target hand spasm for a short while, such as not more than a few seconds. The method is totally about having control over the hand vibrations. If practiced regularly, the gamers will allow their muscles to increase the stamina to continue for longer clicking phases.

It is not easy to target a specific spot and click at the start, but as time passes, the players will get a grip over clicking. As a result, they can click more in a second. When a player has mastered the art, jerks in hand are not even noticeable.

 How to measure the clicking speed? 

The clicking speed can be measured by taking into account the clicks in a given interval of time. The mouse click speed is measure in clicks per second (CPS), which is how many clicks are made in a given period. This means that the more the CPS, the quicker the clicking. Gamers can check their speed with the Kohi click test.

 Alternatives to Jitter Click

Other than Jitter Clicking, there are also some other methods to enhance one-clicking speed. Some of the traditional techniques include Drag Clicking and Butterfly Clicking.

 Drag Clicking

Drag Clicking is a clicking style in which the player uses a mouse with a sticky finger to record hundreds of clicks in a second. All the players will have to do is drag the mouse to get a higher number of clicks. If this unconventional way is used, one can get an unmatched clicking score.

 Butterfly Clicking

Another and more famous way is the butterfly clicking, which creates quick finger spasms. Using this technique, the player uses two fingers one by one, striking the mouse in a way to get more clicks in a given time. This technique is beneficial as two-fingers provide greater control to reach a high number of clicks.

At the same time, Butterfly Clicking is also controversial. As written above that clicking speed test has also become a game; many competitions do not allow the scores one gets by the butterfly method. Furthermore, a lot of servers do ban the butterfly style of mouse striking. Leveraging can get you a score of nearly 2-25 clicks per second.

The Clicking games are so much in trend that the gamers have started purchasing particular mouse for butterfly clicking and gaming to click faster.

If we compare regular clicking with Jitter Clicking, a player can score an average of 7-9 CPS with steady clicking. Using Jitter Clicking, one can increase the CPS up to 12-14. In the meantime, in Butterfly clicking, the gamers can score 20-25 CPS, and in Drag clicking, they can score 50-100 CPS.

Jitter Click and the Physical Injuries

Although clicking games are in demand, players shouldn’t use any of the methods more frequently. Reports say that gamers have an increased risk of physical injuries. Some reports also suggest that if the procedure is continued regularly can cause arthritis over the long run.

Other than Jitter Clicking, there are other different techniques, such as Butterfly and Drag clicking; both create friction on the joints and cause arthritis.


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