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Clicks per second test

As the name suggests clicks per second game is just one second long. This speed test is the shortest of all the versions available on the website.  It is one of the finest variations of the click speed test. It is very exciting to check your clicking ability in such a short timeframe.

However, some players complain that this does not provide sufficient time for the assessment of clicking speed. They also say it’s hard for the human brain to process and action in just one second.

How to get a high score in clicks per second?

You can ace the game only when you play at your finest and have only one second after the game starts. You literally have to be ready to just start clicking once you start it.

People claim to have clicked 10-15 times on average if they practice this a lot. One gets better with time and practice of course. You should have your mind aligned only to this game and start clicking anyway as soon as the game starts.

You just have to be remarkably quick to score well in clicks per second and if you click with exceptional speed only then you can hit around 10-15 clicks.

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