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Challenge your ability to count CPS (Clicks Per Second) test score.

Selected Test Duration: 60 seconds.

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clicks per minute

Many people love to play the Clicks per Minute game, but only a few like to invest time in clicks per minute test. This game is not as simple it looks. This requires constant clicking of the whole good one minute.

Clicks per minute

In these 60 seconds, your figures should more remarkably fast, and your stamina is checked. Not everybody is capable of clicking continuously for 60 seconds that too, with stable and maintained speed.

Clicks in 60 seconds

It can honestly be frustrating to try to score well by just clicking in the same manner for about a minute. But still, some people manage to get a perfect score. The results are always measured using the unit CPS. This represents your clicks per second.

How many clicks can you do in 1 minute?

The highest CPS score for clicks per minute test is 9.7 CPS. This is a high score considering the speedy clicking and consistency of the player. If you are interested in challenging your fingers’ strength, then you should play it and try your luck.

Playing the right way

There is a trick to ace this game. In clicks per 5 second game, players focus on fast clicking throughout the game. Keeping the duration of this game in mind, it is advisable not to start fast.

If you plan to play real quick in the starting, your fingers will get tired eventually. This will lead to a poor score in the end. The best way is to maintain a similar pattern of clicks consistently.

Just be consistent and strike slowly at the beginning and gradually increase the clicking speed over time. This will let you score well. Just be patient and smartly click without stopping at a consistent speed.

Follow this simple trick, and you can even beat the world’s highest score for clicks per 60 seconds test. The only way to achieve your goal is to keep practicing.

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