Clicks in 100 Seconds

Challenge your ability to count CPS (Clicks Per Second) test score.

Selected Test Duration: 100 seconds.

Restart the game to Beat World Record!!




clicks in 100 seconds

The name clicks in 100 seconds game is very much self-explanatory. It describes the essence of the game entirely. This is by far the most prolonged mode of the speed test game

The test is as short as clicks per second, which then goes up to the most challenging version, which is this clicks per 100 seconds. The other versions or levels of this tests your clicking speed and how fast your fingers can perform.

This one, however, checks your stamina and strength. It is tough to continually click the screen for some time as long as 100 seconds. This means the player has to start the game and keep clicking for a huge number of seconds because speed is also essential.

Clicks in 100 Seconds

You cannot compromise the speed, and you have to be consistent. It is a significant commitment to continuously click for 100 seconds and test your fingers. Only people with good patience and stamina will be able to break the records.

How many clicks is 100 seconds?

Surprisingly the record for 100 seconds click test is exceptionally high. The current record is 8.2 CPS. This means the player manages to click at the rate of 8.2 clicks per second, which is a fantastic score in this time frame.

 The player who secured the record was undoubtedly capable of clicking the screen with a constant speed that, too, without exhausting or getting tired. You can beat this score only if your seriously practice this skill and give time to it. 

Playing The Full Game

Constantly snapping of the mouse to click quickly to set the record can be very tiring. You might think 100 seconds is nothing, but in reality, when you are supposed to hit the mouse multiple times in 100 seconds, it seems a lot.

 People usually get tired and quit before even completing the whole lot of 100 seconds. The tip is simple, and it is that the player should try dividing the time into multiple hits on the mouse. If the player successfully splits the number of clicks per some seconds, then playing will be more bearable. 

How do you get high CPS?

Another important thing is that you should not tire your fingers quickly as soon as the game starts. First, warm-up then gradually start with fewer clicks per second and then eventually increase the speed.

This will bring consistency to your speed and help you click more times than usual. First, when you decide to play, you should prepare your mind that the next 100 seconds will be solely dedicated to clicking.

Just make sure your hand is in a comfortable position. Try supporting your hand with rest so that you can be capable of hitting the mouse more times tirelessly.

Practice a couple of times before the challenge begins. Practice will help you make strategies according to your preference. This will then make you able to play in the best suitable way.

It is advisable to play with proper equipment that is fast and has compatible speed. The slow pace of your hardware can distort the performance and become a hurdle in your way.

Just follow the tricks and steps discussed above, and you can ace it easily. Have fun, and don’t forget to beat the score.

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