clicks in 10 seconds

Challenge your ability to count CPS (Clicks Per Second) test score.

Selected Test Duration: 10 seconds.

Restart the game to Beat World Record!!




clicks in 10 seconds

The click speed test by default is set to 5 seconds but this time frame is clicks in 10 seconds. Although our websites offer a variety of timeframes, you can choose to play from. One of the widely played time frames is of 10 seconds. 

Some people might find it difficult as you have to keep clicking without intervals for 10 seconds. The more clicks you make, the higher the CPS point you will be able to gather. 

This game gives you 10 seconds from the start of the game until its end. A player has to start the game by clicking and then continue to do similar clicks for the next 10 seconds. 

This game is fun, and the best part is it only takes your 10 seconds. Unlike other free time games, you do not have to invest a lot of your time and thought process in this game. Its just your clicking speed that matters. 

How fast u can click in 10 seconds?

The highest score for clicks in 10 seconds test or game is 14.2 CPS. This score makes approximately 142 clicks per 10 second. This game is just a way to relax for some. Others have serious interest in this game.

The trick to scoring more in 10 seconds

This game allows the player to compete globally. To set a high score in this game, all you have to do is to click as much as possible. Once you start the game, a window will pop up. On this window keep clicking without moving the cursor here and then. This will result in a good score.

This game is acquired with practice. Consistency is the key. Just stay calm and consistent. Don’t panic and keep clicking followed by more clicks and you’ll score exceptionally high CPS points. 

So get the benefit and master the clicking skills that will make you unstoppable in leagues.

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