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A list of top 10 mouse Best clicker games. Play online clicking games to enhance your mouse clicking speed and Click per second Test.

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The online gaming industry has evolved tremendously over the period. New technologies have started to enter the space with every passing day. There are many great games nowadays with excellent graphics, but it has not affected the mouse idle clicking games’ fame and has not caused a decline for them.

The mouse clicking games do not have the best graphics, but they are still enjoyed in the gaming industry. Playing such games help the gamers to increase their Mouse clicking speed per second. There are a few different techniques, such as the Jitter Click test, and kohi click test that one can always depend on.

Do you feel the need to play some simple but challenging games? You only need strength in your finger so you can continue and enjoy it to the fullest. Below we have a list of most played online mouse clicking games.

Best Clicker Games

Before the high-power graphic games were even introduced, most gamers enjoyed playing simple clicking games online using a mouse. In the years before, almost all age groups used to play these online clicking games. Now mostly the young aged kids play such games.

Also, this does not mean that adults cannot play these games for enjoyment. They pass the time and are also quite addictive as you don’t want to stop playing them. There are many such online games with something for everyone.

Do you feel the need to play some simple but challenging games? You only need strength in your finger so you can continue and enjoy it to the fullest. Below we have a list of most played online mouse clicking games.

1- NinjaClicker – Click Speed Test Game

click speed test

The ninjaClicker Click speed test is a game that keeps a measure of your clicking speed in five seconds and six other time intervals. It is a straightforward game to play, and you have to click in a specific area made for the clicking purpose.


2- Mouse Accuracy

clicker games

The Mouse accuracy is a very famous online game for people who want to increase their mouse-clicking speed and their clicks’ accuracy. This game suits all age groups. It has a new age and a straightforward interface, making it one of the most professional games out in the market.

There are many types of levels, such as changing the difficulty, size of the target and color, the style of the cursor, and the play’s time limit. When the game is completed, the game gives you the score, how accurate you are, and how efficient your gameplay is. You can also challenge your friends by challenging them directly on your social media.


3- Grow Defense

clicker games

The Grow defense is an incredible clicking game with a virtual interface. As compared to the other online clicking games, it is a 3D game. You have to defend the tower of a castle against the raiding creatures. To protect the castle vicinity, you have to click on the invaders quickly.

Further in the game, the invading creatures increase in number, and they also grow more robust. The player earns gold, which can be used to purchase and boost their defense. It is an excellent combination of clicking and passing the time. You can also upgrade and increase levels. The game is also suitable for adults. Grow defense is a great game to check one’s mouse-clicking skills.


4- Boombox (best clicker game)

clicker games

Boombox is an awesome mouse-clicking game by the developers’ Boombox Inc. made by Guilherme Carvalho. The game is a mix of a fun play and keeps a measure of players’ stamina. If one has an interest in explosive destructions, then it is a perfect fit for them. This is one of the best clicker games online.

The gamers have to quickly click the mouse on the screen and cause mayhem by breaking the boxes. The gamers must blast every box in the area of play to score points. The more the points, the more bombs one can purchase. It is a great game to exert pressure and is a perfect game for adults and young ones. It also helps one to relax.


5- Spaceplane (Best idle clicker game)

Spaceplane (Best idle clicker game)

The spaceplane is an awesome online mouse-clicking game that is also available on the App and Play store. The game is loosely base on the book by Stephen Hawking called A brief history of time. The players have to click quickly on the mouse button to get power.

It has very simple gameplay where the gamers have to launch small devices with the mouse’s help to a mysterious planet, increasing the energy of their spaceship. The player can create new probes and power increasing resources with the new energy. It’s a challenging game to play and not that easy as it looks like because the aliens can destroy the probes you send towards them.


6- Dogs vs. Homework – Best clicker games

Dogs vs. Homework

Dog vs. Homework is a perfect mouse clicker game. The game suits teenagers who don’t like completing their Homework. If you are a kid who is very lazy and cannot complete his Homework, then you have some dogs to complete it done for you. It is a very basic and fantasy-based game where the gamers give the Homework a task to the dogs.

The gamers have to follow the instructions on the screen by clicking, which unlocks more Homework. One must continue the clicking process to get a homework buddy unlocked, which is a dog. When you get more gold by clicking, you can unlock more breeds. Interestingly, when the game progresses, you can also send the dogs on your behalf to take classes.


7- Room Clicker (#1 mouse-clicking game)

Room Clicker

Room clicker is a very interesting and one of the best mouse-clicking games online, which test a player’s stamina. When you click anywhere in a room, you get rewards in the form of cash. You can also purchase the cash to upgrade, which makes the game more interesting. It is considered to be one of the best clicker games.

One can rapidly upgrade the game as they are required to click faster. When you reach a specific level, you can change the game’s look to make it look more attractive. It has a straightforward interface and is very addictive.


8- Tanks Squad – Best clicker games

Tanks Squad

Tanks Squad is an exciting online mouse-clicking game that passes the time and increases the clock speed. The player has to damage and destroy a squad of enemy tanks. Your tank automatically shells bombs on the enemy. When the clicking speed is increased, it helps you to hit enemy tanks faster. The more the rate of your clicks, the more quickly you destroy the enemy tanks.

You can also upgrade your tank with the gold you earn. You can also purchase new upgraded tanks with unique abilities. The best feature is that your tank can be regenerated, and it fights the enemy back.


9- Tap Tap Builder – Best clicker games

Tap Tap Builder

Tap Tap Builder is a very cool clicking game in which you have to build cities, and it can also test the stamina and the number of clicks the player makes. The uniqueness of the game is that it allows you to build your city on an island. Players can construct the roads and the buildings in the way they want.

The mouse-clicking game is a simple and short version of a trendy game, Age of empires. The general difference is that there is no limit on the amount of construction the player can do. The player can keep on constructing until their clicking stamina is out.


10- Idle Breakout

Idle Breakout

Idle Breakout is a fantastic game for pass time, especially for the people who like playing the Atari Breakout game. The significant part of the game is that it allows you to have unique balls. The main difference is that the gamers can continue clicking on the bricks to break them while the ball breaks the squares.

Players can get gold points and use them to upgrade a different kind of balls. Each brick has a number on it that denotes the number of times the ball should hit, which helps to break the brick. Idle Breakout suits those who hope to increase the speed of their clicks and to kill time.

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