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Auto Clicker

Auto clicker is a phenomenal technique instilled in software that allows you to click automatically. This means you no longer have to click manually with your hands. This software is here to the rescue!

Click speed games or click speed tests are gaining popularity from day to day. These games require the player to hit the mouse multiple times with his fingers. In the end, the game generates the result and displays the scores.

Initially, these games are fun to play, but when we talk about further variants with longer periods, it gets tiring. Some people use Auto clicker for these speed tests. However, it acts as a savior. Still, it might be considered to be an iniquitous act.

Furthermore, this Auto clicker acts as a safety measure for your mouse. People who involve themselves in games that require constant clicking might wear out their mouse even before its useful life. To prevent this, they use Auto clicker.

We will be reviewing the 5 best auto clicker programs which many people prefer to use.

Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker SoftwareRatingsDownload Now
Free Auto Clicker
GS Auto Clicker5
Perfect Automation clicker4.5
Auto click typer4.5
Free mouse clicker4.5

It is highly advisable to use these software if you are involved in physically tiring computer activities. You can choose any one among these five softwares. There are various automated clickers available online, but there is no guarantee of their performance.

The softwares mentioned above are all tried and tested. The good thing is that they are easily accessible on the web. You can also test them on your own using any click speed test website.

1 – Free Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker

This is by far the best auto clicker software for automated clicking. Surprisingly it includes all the attributes that one might need while clicking. Its user interface is incredibly designed.

Firstly it is free to use and easily accessible. This means anyone can conveniently use this software. Secondly, it is incredibly efficient and vigorous. If you use this software for any game, there is a high possibility of acing it.

It is capable of producing multiple clicks by its smart backhand working. It works by setting up a map, including two coordinates. These x and y coordinates work in a particular pattern to give results.

The user has to ensure the correct pattern and preferable intervals which are suitable for the game. Once the pattern is set, you are good to go. Now you have to indicate the site and see the magic. This software goes well with minecraft.

  • An excellent user-friendly interface.
  • It is free.
  • This software is safe.
  • It has a glitch-free performance.
  • This software is easily detectable.
  • It is prone to catching viruses from the web.


2 – GS Auto Clicker


Another fantastic software for automatic clicks is the GS clicker. Two of the best features of this software are mainly the freeware tool and the hotkey function.

The freeware can be used with any operating system that supports different versions of windows. On the other hand, the hotkey function enables the user to start and stop clicking as per requirement.

This software lets the user set appropriate breaks between clicking. Moreover, it runs in the same sequence over and over again. This software will provide you with desirable results without exhausting and tiring you up.

  • Easy to use.
  • Amazing performance.
  • Free for all.
  • It is quite backdated.
  • Does not provide very smooth operations.


3 – Perfect Automation clicker

Perfect Automation

Perfect automation is software that can perform any computer-related task automatically. Many people prefer it over other software because you don’t need any additional software once you have it.

Unlike some clickers, it is not outdated; it is the most advanced software on the web. It includes an amazing script editor inlined with a keyboard scheduler.

A perfect automation clicker is the best choice if you want to have an automatic keyboard function together with mouse clicks.

In addition to this, it is effortless to use. The interface is beginner-friendly, which makes it effective yet straight forward software. Many people find creating scripts a daunting task. This software has ready-made scripts to make the process a lot more convenient.

  • Suitable for both beginners and professional programmers.
  • It is capable of performing most of the computer functions automatically.
  • Keeps a proper record of mouse clicks.
  • It has an overload of features.


4 – Auto Click Typer

Auto Click Typer

Auto clicker typer has a well balanced and user-friendly interface. It is capable of making repetitive mouse clicks and keyboard strikes. This software works in a particular sequence that the user feeds into it.

It is the best software for gamers and programmers who want quick clicks multiple times. This software generates automatic clicks, which saves the time and energy of the user.

Auto clicker is a free software that serves its purpose and has hassle-free operations. Many people use this software across the globe and enjoy its satisfactory performance.

  • It is beginner-friendly.
  • Users can enjoy customized sequences.
  • It has a built-in auto script.
  • This software does not require a lot of gadget’s storage space.
  • It is free to use.
  • The installation can be troublesome.
  • The UX of this software is not very efficient.
  • It can bring viruses.
  • It is tricky to use the hotkey function in this software.


5 – Free Mouse Clicker

free mouse clicker

The free mouse clicker generates multiple automatic mouse clicks for free. This helps the user save time and produces clicks on its own. The sequence is highly customizable.

Gamers can set the intervals and number of mouse clicks as per personal preference. It is capable of generating both single mouse clicks and double mouse clicks. It is suitable for games and functions requiring double clicks.

Users are required to set a code for the amount of desired clicks. It then follows the code and works accordingly. A plus point is that this software supports numerous games and computer tasks.

However, it can be frustrating that the software can only produce clicks and not move the cursor. This looks unnatural and might give a hard time to gamers.

  • Users can customize the intervals easily.
  • Beginner, friendly interface.
  • It has a smart hotkey feature.
  • The free mouse clicker is very convenient to use.
  • It is capable of clicking only at one spot.
  • The users may find it challenging to arrange mouse clicks.


These mouse clicker s software’s have made the lives of gamers a hundred times easier. All the softwares discussed in this article are tested already. These portray excellent performance and efficient clicking.

A massive number of Auto clickers are available. You can choose either paid or free versions as per your desirability. Many people pay to get these softwares while others like to choose the free versions.

Just make sure to have reliable software to prevent your system from computer bugs and viruses.


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