Click Speed Test (CPS Test)

Challenge your ability to count CPS (Clicks Per Second) test score.

Selected Test Duration: 5 seconds.

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click speed test

Click speed test game is viral around the globe.

This game is developed to enjoy leisure time excitingly.

This clicker test game typically helps you to monitor your clicks in a limited timeframe. Use your vacant hours to boost up your cps test. This game is all about the faster you click in per second, the higher the score you will achieve.

Click speed score is a test used to analyze your grip on the mouse button and how fast you can click.

Click speed test game – Challenge yourself

Add excitement to your life by hitting the “start” button to know your fastest clicking ability!

Following are a few instructions for checking your click per second speed:

  • Hit the “Click here to Play” button to become a participant in a game.
  • Kicking off your mouse button as quickly as possible until your timer stops.
  • The final score of a player is displayed on the screen with Clicking per second.

CPS (click per second) test Online

The score is located with a unit called CPS, In a literal sense, it is clicks per second. The game is primary and straightforward; the more clicks you do, the higher the score gets. There are many variations of this game. The difference between the variants is that of the assigned timeframe.

Some of the games available on our website include spacebar counter, clicks per second, Auto clicker, 10 seconds, and even clicks per 100 seconds.

Clicking per second is a calculating tool use for counting per click in the given time span. The time slot availability is 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 100 seconds.

All these clicks are monitored and calculated to compile an instant result. Element speed is an app that records and calculates clicks per second.

Mobile-Friendly and Social sharing

This game is mobile-friendly, which allows the players to play it on their smartphone. You have to download it and then enjoy it.

Numerous websites are offering click speed tests and games. You should only download these from trusted sites. Some websites may contain virus which can distort your device’s performance.

Moreover, this game can be shared on different social media platforms. Here people love to post their results and compete with their friends. It is a fun way to spend leisure and build competitive interactions.

Preparing for the speed test

A player should make sure that he has a good internet connection that is well connected and stable. This helps him earn more clicks per second. Secondly, the mouse should be connected correctly. It should have smooth clicks.

Some players wholeheartedly invest in the mouse, which results in more clicks in a second. The game is available on the website and third-party applications. However, it is advisable to use the site rather than an app because:


  • Gives the same experience as an app.
  • Results can be shared on social media.
  • Many variations of the game available.
  • The website provides you with relevantly secure gameplay.

What is the fastest pace of clicks per second?

For beginners, 2 to 3 clicks per second are good speeds for practicing. For an average player, 4 to 5 clicks are good enough, but if you want to become the expert or master of the fastest clicker, you have to click 5 to 10 clicks per second.

Click per the second test defined some names for the players according to their level. If you are a beginner, the CPS counter test is called your turtle, and a faster clicker will be called your rabbit.

Click speed test World record

Click per second is a unique game because it takes less time to play and practice. This game is played on many other websites, and many serious players are doing great in this competition.

Participants use a special mouse to become the master of this game; therefore, we realized the world record holder for its quickest speed.

For most people, this game is all about passing their time and have fun. on the other hand, many people play cps checker test games to check their abilities to click speed. But surprisingly, many people have taken their skills and abilities to click to a whole new level.

Some people invested their time in this game to set the recognized world records. People hold records for different variants of play.

According to, which keeps the record of all players marked the most popular Mr. Dylan Allred from Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States, is the most speedy mouse clicker. He set up a world record by clicking the mouse 1051 times in 10 seconds. Before him, Tom Andre Seppola of Norway held the record. He got fame for clicking 830 times in 30 seconds.

Clicks per second test is not just a game but also used as a mind-diverting or relaxing tool to feel stress-free. As it takes a shorter period of time, so a worker and student can play this for twice or even thrice time during their breaking. 


How do you calculate clicks per second?

The simplest formula used to calculate the Clicker speed test is dividing the number of clicks by the total seconds. CPS tester = clicks/ total number of seconds.

How to improve clicks per second?

Consistent nature and practicing can make us perfect.”

To improve in a click test, one must do practice on a regular basis, at least 10 minutes a day can make you a pro in the game, and it will help you in other clicker test games like Minecraft etc.

What is Click per second in Minecraft?

There are four categories in the Minecraft PvP game discussed below:

Slowest clicks: If a candidate clicks only 1 to 3 clicks per second. It means that he/she has a problem with clicking. It also seems like a candidate is least interested, or you are chasing someone.

Relatively slow clicks: If you are clicking 4 to 7 times per second, you are acceptable in Minecraft PvP. It gives the impression of being steady and has no concern to react quickly to the carpel tunnel.

Relatively fast clicking: It means that you are clicking 8 to 13 clicks per second, with a crazy and shaky hand. It would not benefit you because it makes your game complicated.

Tremendously clicking: This might get you in more complication when you click 14+ clicks per second. When you began your fight with opponents and hit them, you get more reach on them.

What is Kohi click test

Kohi click test is another way of accessing your click speed in a timeframe. It is originated from the Minecraft server. This works the same as the clicks per second test. This clicking test is also a popular measure to play or record the clicks over some time.

What is a good clicking speed?

On Average the mouse click time is 60 seconds, anything around or above this score is considered good but you can always make yourself better in this game by practicing more.

How many clicks per second is fast?

You may not believe it but clicking 5-10 times per second is considered very fast and to achieve these numbers you must practice hard. At first your fingers might get soared or feel painful because of high speed clicking but after some time like 3 or 4 days, you will feel more comfortable. Gradually you will master the art of fast clicking and you will achieve cheetah clicking speed.


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